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About Cirrus Leadership

What do clouds have to do with leadership or coaching?
Cirrus clouds are high, wispy ice crystal formations - a meteorological sign that change, quite literally, is in the air. The highest of clouds, they begin to form a day or so in advance of storms.

Because they gather so high in the atmosphere, cirrus clouds have a great "big-picture" perspective of earth. They also produce incredible sunsets, bending and scattering light to produce spectacular colors.

These subtle clouds carry a strong message: Change is happening -
Change is a given condition in life and business. Change is certainly a constant in fatherhood and other creative endeavors! Whether your kids are infants, teens or adults with their own children, each day brings new surprises. Life happens along with shifting markets, new ideas and technologies, births, deaths, relationships, seasons. Change is an ever-present companion...

Change can be frightening. And change can bring unexpected opportunities, risk, fun and learning. Change dares us to open new doors and follow new paths.

The mission of Cirrus Leadership is to serve as a guide to clients as they discover, explore and map their own pathways through a world of constant change.

What ever the weather may bring, my commitment is to serve my clients as their best possible companion on their life and business journeys.

Ken Mossman

Ken Mossman, MFA, PCC, CPCC, specializes in coaching three distinct groups of clients:

ken mossman
  • Creative Fathers and Fathers in Business.
  • Entrepreneurial Fathers and Couples who want to build fulfilling, sustainable and successful businesses.
  • Men and Women seeking to reveal their creative essence.

Ken's coaching style is lively, intuitive, deeply connected, full of humor and shamelessly irreverent.

Ken holds certifications from the ICF and CTI, and is on the faculty of The Coaches Training Institute, one of the largest, most respected coach training organizations in the world.

The founder and president of Cirrus Leadership, Ken holds the Professional Certified Coach (PCC) credential through the International Coach Federation, the Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) designation from the Coaches Training Institute (CTI). A graduate of the Co-Active Space Leadership Program, Ken is also a founding partner of Soulutions Leadership and Coaching. As a member of CTI's faculty, Ken leads live coach training programs and is a Certification Program Leader, too. He is a certified coach for Entrevis' "A Better Way to Work!"(tm) program.

Previously, Ken was the owner and president of Fitness Futures, Inc., a company providing in-home personal fitness training services to private clients as well as continuing education programs to the fitness industry for over a dozen years. He was also a collegiate alpine ski team coach.

When not coaching or leading a training course, Ken's leisure hours are spent in his garden, on his skates or skis - depending on the season - or in the kitchen creating amazing meals for people he loves. He holds an MFA degree from Brooklyn College and a BS degree from Skidmore College. Ken lives in Wilton, NY with his wife Danielle and their fire-headed son, Cai.

"The great man is one who never loses his child's heart."

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