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Work and Life Balance Coaching for Men

Coaching for Men - business owners, executives, professionals, and fathers who want a whole lot more enjoyment - on their own terms - from their work, their time at home, their relationships with their kids and significant others - with Ken Mossman, MFA, PCC, CPCC

Gentlemen, life is short. Start your engines...

Welcome to Cirrus Coaching, it's good to have you here.
I'm Ken Mossman, the proprietor of this website, which is intended as a portal for Men who would like to move into a world full of lifework balance, successful, fun relationships, more rewarding, productive work with less head-banging, and a whole lot more enjoyment all over the place.

Neil Young's "Old Man" was playing on internet radio as I began to write this copy. Seemed oddly appropriate, I think, because we will indeed eventually become old men ourselves. ..."I'm a lot like you were," goes the song. Not to rush the arrival of the future, but hey, a couple days ago I swear I was 19 or 23 or thereabouts, and today I woke up in my mid-50's. Check that out!

Relationships, fathers, rules, and brains -

Seeing as the clock is ticking and you've got lots of web surfing to do, you may want to hang out here just a bit longer if one or more of these seem familiar:

  • Relationships are important to you, but those nagging details like work, time, fear of failure and/or success, funky communication skills - to name but a few - keep complicating things...

  • Work is a big deal, and you want to be maximally productive and creative while you're there, but your time gets eaten by putting out fires, handling other people's business, dodging - or failing to dodge - office politics...

  • You're a Father who wants to kick serious butt in your work and provide for your family as best you can - and you don't want to miss a moment with your kids, because - well, because they're your kids and you're their father - but even the best video ain't the same as being there...

  • Even though you've played by the rules - got the degrees and good job, made the good money, done well by your family and friends - that niggling feeling of "there's gotta be something more - or something else" keeps popping up at the most inconvenient moments...

  • You've got a file cabinet - or a brain - or sketch-books - or several multi-gig memory sticks - packed full of good ideas for entrepreneurial endeavors, stories, films, gardens, inventions or other things that represent the "real you" - but somehow all that stuff keeps winding up on the back-burner, lost behind the sofa, or wallowing somewhere in the dark recesses of your cranium...

You're still here, eh..?

Me too...

Ken Mossman, CPCC, PCC: Coach, change agent, irreverent provocateur

I hang out here because frankly, I can't think of a whole lot of things that are more important than Men (including Yours Truly) leading fulfilling, cool, fun lives. I'm passionate about what I do, hence I specialize in work / life balance coaching for Men. Business Men. Fathers. Entrepreneurial Men. Stay-at-home-Dads. Married Men. Single Men. Divorced Men. Men like you.

Why work and life balance coaching for Men? Because in over a decade-plus of professional practice and thousands of hours of one-to-one coaching with a whole bunch of clients, I have yet to meet that single-dimensional Man for whom work alone is the ultimate end-all and be-all. Yes, work is important, and it's but one part of your larger story.

The Men I work with report:

  • Improved connection, intimacy and overall satisfaction in their relationships...
  • Greater fulfillment, productivity and creativity in their work...
  • Less stress and worry over kids, and a whole lot more enjoyment from and for Fathering...
  • Finding new, refreshing, personally useful and "actionable" (as in "Wow, I can actually DO something!") definitions for words like:
    • Responsibility
    • Adulthood
    • Fatherhood
    • Mission
    • Purpose
    • Vision
  • They are more playful, curious and excited about life, and have a whole lot more fun...

If you've gotten this far and you're only inspired to take a nap or have another beer, then hey, thanks for stopping by. It's been nice, and it's likely time for you to go.

If, on the other hand, you're still here, it's important to know that work-life balance isn't a steady state that you nail once and hang on a wall like a painting, never expecting it to change. That's the romantic Hollywood version of life many of us have tried, only to find that "happily ever after" doesn't work like it does in the movies.

Striking that work/life balance involves rigorous, on-going work. Here's what some of that work is going to look like: Getting arrow-straight and squeaky-clean with the Man you look at in the mirror. Shining a bright light into some dark corners. Hard truths will be spoken and bullshit will be called often and early. Excuses will be tossed away. Tired old patterns will be busted. If the notion of developing "emotional fluency" seems too feminine or scares you - or both - then do yourself a favor and get off at the next stop. This coaching stuff isn't for everyone - and it certainly ain't for the timid, the faint of heart or those unwilling to grow a pair.

Still here..? Good.

It's a privilege to partner with Men who've grown tired of the same old grind and know it's time to captain their own ship, choose their destinations, set their own course and get moving.

A few simple ideas to get you started.

If you're interest is sparked and you want to know a little more, then you can grab my free special report, "Seven Navigational Tools for New Waters," (PDF) which contains some ideas for kick-starting some awareness practices, making a few changes on your own, and will also give you an idea of the philosophical and practical foundations underneath the work we offer.

If, on the other hand, you know you're serious about making changes and ready to step forward to take a test-flight, then contact me via the form on my contact page.

Privacy Policy: We never share your information. Period.

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